How To Hypnotize Someone – Can You Hypnotize The Cashier?

I did it once – by mistake!

When you think about how to hypnotize someone, you can see yourself sitting in a comfortable chair, swinging a pendulum back and forth, and telling the person on the nearby couch that they feel sleepy.

I can assure you that you don't have to hypnotize anyone this way.

I know because I accidentally hypnotized the cashier in my local supermarket while he was doing his job at the front desk.

You can actually hypnotize a completely awake person, even without their knowledge. It is called "covert hypnosis" or "conversation hypnosis" and is an art that can be learned by almost everyone.

Have you ever seen Derren Brown in action? This British hypnotist and magician often uses covert hypnosis to convince his "victims" to do exactly what he asks them to do. Once he even let her accept blank slips, assuming it was money he used to pay for some goods.

But I digress! This is how my own story developed …

One day when I was living in France, I went to the supermarket to eat something and also buy a gift for my husband.

The meal was only a few euros and I wanted to use my private savings to pay for the gift separately.

While waiting in line, I spent some time preparing the correct payment to speed up the front desk buying process.

My gift cost 11.36 euros and since I didn't want a large amount of change, I sorted out my last 20 euro note together with a 2 euro coin to pay for the gift.

Here the cashier was confused.

When it was my turn to pay, the cashier registered my gift and asked if the food was mine. I depended on "yes" but I wanted to pay for the items as two separate purchases.

He said "Okay" and then told me that I should pay him 11.36 euros first.

He looked a little bored and turned his head to look at the people waiting in line. However, I soon caught his eye, looked him straight in the eye and said: "Here! I have the money ready for you!"

I then gave him the 20 euro note plus the 2 euro coin. The cashier looked surprised. He took my money, put it in the till and gave me 64 cents back.

"Sorry," I said. "But I gave you a 20 euro bill."

The cashier looked at me and said in a calm voice: "No, it was a 10 euro note. I saw it clearly."

Suddenly I doubted myself.

I really thought I had given him a 20 euro note, but … he sounded absolutely confident. I paid for the food from my other handbag and then asked him again: "Are you sure I didn't give you a 20 euro note?" – "Absolutely safe" was his answer.

We had recognized each other since I had been shopping at this supermarket regularly and he seemed to be an honest guy.

The journey home only took a few minutes and while I was walking I took the time to rethink the whole episode.

I knew I recently had a certain amount of money in my purse. I knew I had only bought three things before and after doing some simple calculations I was sure I had given him a 20 euro bill.

Back home, I called the supermarket and told them what had happened.

They asked the cash register to close the cash register and count the money in the cash register.

After a short time our phone rang and I heard the embarrassed voice of the cashier. "I'm so sorry," he said. "That has never happened to me".

He added that I could come down at any time and collect the 10 euros owed.

I had been right all along.

But the mistake wasn't his fault.

I actually hypnotized him; First by confusing him, and then by giving him a direct command: "Here! Take it! I've got the money ready."

Now, as you can see, you can hypnotize someone even when they are fully awake.

I did it accidentally, but many people intentionally use this technique to gain an unfair advantage.

When I learned about conversation hypnosis, I began to see how this method was used in advertising as well as by cunning politicians.

Everyone should learn something about it. Even if you don't want to practice it yourself, you can defend yourself better by realizing how it's being used against you.

And if you want to use covert hypnosis, you can significantly improve many areas of your life, e.g.

* When you talk to your banker about the loan you want to get.

* When you exchange a cheaper price for the new stereo you want in the store.

* Or have the IRS leave you alone and stop bothering you.

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